chris stokes


Chris has enjoyed a rewarding career working as a strategic change agent within major organizations seeking to achieve a strong market position and profitability. Areas of strength include visioning, strategizing, financial analysis, problem solving and competitive positioning. He has been especially successful in devising and implementing corporate turn around, and product development and market penetration strategies. Practical work experience has been underpinned by sound academic preparation and professional development. An excellent track record of working with and through people.


National Commercial Bank: Kingston, Jamaica

General Manager – International Business Division. Responsible for the development and implementation of strategic and operational plans designed to increase the Bank’s share of business in overseas markets. Specific responsibilities include the international remittance business and the offshore banking business. Turned around the remittance business from a loss to profit position in 18 months


Victoria Mutual Building Society: Kingston, Jamaica

Senior Vice-President – Business Development. Report directly to the President and CEO. Create synergistic strategic alliances with a variety of business partners including First Life, Paymaster, and Guardian Life – focusing on product development and service delivery innovations. Identify and exploit market opportunities in Jamaica and overseas including new business start-ups and strategic equity investments in target companies. Work closely with local and international regulators. Responsible for the Marketing Department.


Victoria Mutual Building Society: Kingston, Jamaica

Vice-President – Business Development. Responsible for developing and implementing strategies and tactics to achieve market leadership. Areas of focus included – development of asset/liability management strategies to deliver lower mortgage rates to customers, product profitability analysis and product development for competitive advantage, staff incentive sales program development, and corporate image enhancement. Responsible for the development of the savings and remittance lines of business in North America and the United Kingdom. Work with Finance Division to enhance, implement and monitor asset/liability management and credit risk management best practices and policies.


Victoria Mutual Building Society: Kingston, Jamaica

Assistant Vice-President – Planning & Research. Carried out research to provide information for strategic plans, and new product development. Analyzed opportunities for divestitures, mergers and acquisitions and made recommendations to the Board of Directors. Chief writer on committee to develop best practice policy documents as directed by the Bank of Jamaica – documents written were Capital Management, Credit Risk Management, Foreign Exchange Risk Management, Interest Rate Risk Management, Liquidity Management, Internal Control, Security Portfolio Management, and Real Estate Appraisal. Led three-year re-engineering project that resulted in a seventeen percent reduction in staff levels and a thirty percent increase in customer satisfaction.


University of Idaho: Moscow, Idaho

Business Manager / TQM Coordinator. Responsible for budgeting, business and strategic planning, financial analysis, information system management, contract management, and capital project management for commercial enterprises owned by the University.


University of Idaho: Moscow, Idaho

Assistant Business Manager. Primarily responsible for preparing budgets and business analyses in support of the Business Manager. (05/89 – 06/91)


University of Idaho: Moscow, Idaho

Lecturer for the following courses in the College of Business and Economics: Introduction to Corporate Finance, Cases in Corporate Finance, Small Business Management, Strategic Management. (08/90 – 12/93)

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