• Presentation Introduction
  • Photography
  • Video Clips
  • Media Kit
  • One Sheet Promo

It doesn’t matter what size the event might be, preparing for a conference is a daunting undertaking. This section of the website is dedicated to making the task just a little easier. The links for this section came from reviewing the most frequent requests from event organizers. They break down into five common areas:

  • “The person introducing you would like some suggestions.”
  • “Can I get a photo for print materials?”
  • “Besides your books, what else have you written?”
  • “We need an example of your work to share.”
  • “Do you have a complete media package we can use?”

While every effort was made to provide as much information as possible, reality dictates that not everyone will be able to find everything they need in this section. To request additional information, please visit the Contact and Booking page, fill out the Contact Form, or for immediate assistance contact Chris’s office directly (876) 978-9635.


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